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Water Used Precision Automatic Equipment for Packing

February 13, 2023
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Water Used Precision Automatic Equipment for Packing

Three axis designed Y&D 7400N dispensing robot arm is a very popular type of dispenser in electronic products. This kind of machine have the function of interpolation, all the axis can do dispensing as make points, draw lines, arc, etc. It is operate by the teach pendent which is very easy to operate and users can learn it quickly and make programs in a few minutes. The program dates can be stored in the CF Card in the machine for next time use for which dispensing the similar products. It ca4000 points in each grup). Y&D 7400N is really quite useful in a wide range, such as

Semiconductor packaging, Fixing and protection of PCB electronic
Omponents, Packaging adhesion of LCD glass panel, Coating of panel of the mobile phone or dispensing of the key,
Speaker dispensing, Dispensing seal of battery boxes
Coating of parts of vehicles and machines, Coating adhesion of hardware parts, Coating of rationed gas, liquid filling, Chip bonding, etc.

Applicable fluid: Silica gel, EMI conductive adhesive, UV glue, AB glue, fast dry
Glue, epoxy adhesive, sealant, hot glue, grease, silver glue, red glue, solder paste,
Cooling paste, prevent solder paste, transparent lacquer, screw fixation agent, etc.
Main use: The product in the process of bonding, infusion, coating, sealing, filling,
Drop, linear/arc/round glue, etc. Dispense in point, line, surface, arc, circle and
Irregular curve and triaxial linkage function is available etc.

Item Y&D7400N
X/Y/Z working area (mm): 400/400/100
Load worktable:11.0kg/6.0kg
Speed PTP X&Y/Z (mm/sec)0.1~800/350
Repeatability:+/- 0.02mm / axis
Data memory:100 programs, 4000 points/program
Data storage:CF card/pc Storage & USB
Display:Teach pendant LCD
Operation system:PTP (point to point) & CP (continuous path)
Interpolation linear/circular :3 axis
Teaching method:Teach pendant
I/O signals:8 inputs / 8 outputs
External interface:RS232
Power supply:AC 100~230V 300W
Operating temperature:10~40° C
Motor system:Micro stepping motor

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