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May 4, 2023
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PFA wash bottle screw cap tight seal labware


product description
PFA is also called soluble polytetrafluoroethylene and Teflon (Teflon). It is resistant to strong acid and alkali and high and low temperature. It is mainly used for high-end experiments such as trace analysis, isotope detection, and ICP-MS/OES/AAS analysis. The chemical stability of PFA material can significantly reduce cross-contamination, the coefficient of friction is the lowest among plastics, and it also has good electrical properties. Its electrical insulation is not affected by temperature, and it is known as the "King of Plastics".

1. The appearance is translucent;
2. High temperature resistance: operating temperature -200~+260℃;
3. Corrosion resistance: resistant to strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid and various organic solvents;
4. Insulation resistance: dielectric properties have nothing to do with temperature and frequency;
5. Anti-pollution: low blank value of metal elements;
6. Very low dissolution and precipitation: it is an excellent vessel for storing standard substances, highly corrosive, and expensive ultra-high purity reagents;
7. The nozzle and cap are molded at one time: the open can be autoclaved;
8. It can replace the volumetric flask to configure the standard solution: it can be controlled to add samples and water in a drop-by-drop state, and there is no residue in the return water nozzle.

PFA series products:
Reagent bottles, washing bottles, volumetric bottles, measuring cups, beakers, digestion tubes, sample dissolution tanks, microcolumns, crucibles, valves, connectors, delivery tubes and other products.

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