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May 4, 2023
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PFA volumetric flask, constant volume, strong sealing, laboratory utensils


About volumetric flask, our PFA flask belonds to A class, resistance to strong acid, alkali and various organic solvents, smooth inner wall, material stability much better, low blank value of metal elements, lead and uranium contents are less than 0.01ppb

non-leachable, ensure the ultra clean background

Before leaving the factory, we will calibrate them by ourselves, but if you need the calibrate data sheet, we can ask for a third-party testing agency, called Nanjing Institute of measurement and Testing Technology, an authoritative testing organization.

And here is a testing report about volumetric flask in attachment, please kindly check and see if datas meet you requirements.

Volumetric flasks are highly transparent, easy to clean, and meet Class A tolerances per DIN EN ISO 1042. Flasks are molded PFA, which is highly resistant to heat and chemical contamination. PFA surface properties offer superior clean-up compared to glass and reduces risk of sample carryover in trace analysis applications. Screw cap design provides reduced contamination risk, compared to traditional stopper design.

Suitable for storing and packing high concentration, high purity and strong corrosive drugs and chemical reagents and standard samples.Such as: the State Oceanic Administration for the storage of ocean seawater standard and mercury standard solution;Antarctic Research Team of University of Science and Technology of China for sample collection;China Institute of Metrology for storage of standard liquid.

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