September 9, 2023
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PFA Products for the Semiconductor Industry


1. Introduction to the background of the use of PFA products——semiconductor industry
In the semiconductor production process, the cleaning process is considered one of the critical steps. The efficiency and accuracy of the cleaning process directly affect the quality and performance of semiconductor chips, which requires vessels holding various cleaning solutions to be of extremely high purity----PFA material.
PFA is melt-processable: it can be heated to melt and injection molded or blow molded, so PFA is cleaner and the resulting vessels have lower trace metal content.
2.Application of PFA products in semiconductor industry:
(1) Wet etching and cleaning: This process needs to contain etching solution and cleaning solution, that is, the corresponding PFA material cassette, acid tank, beaker, etc.
(2) Chemical mechanical polishing (CMP): This process requires the configuration of polishing slurry (cleaning solution, etching solution), that is, the corresponding volumetric flask, measuring cylinder, beaker, etc. made of PFA.
(3) Sample introduction system for ICP-MS instruments for measuring low ppt level trace metals in process chemicals and on-wafer VPD (Vapor Phase Decomposition) analysis.
(4) Used to transport high-purity acid (10ppt grade).
3. Necessity of PFA products in the semiconductor industry - holding wet electronic chemicals
Wet electronic chemicals, also known as ultra-clean high-purity reagents or process chemicals, generally require metal impurity content below the ppm level. It can be divided into general wet electronic chemicals and functional wet electronic chemicals.
Among them, hydrofluoric acid (HF) in general wet electronic chemicals is extremely important and key in the semiconductor industry. Electronic-grade hydrofluoric acid is mainly used in cleaning and etching processes in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Its purity and cleanliness have a very important impact on the yield, electrical performance and reliability of integrated circuits. Electronic grade hydrofluoric acid can be divided into EL, UP, UP-S, UP-SS, UP-SSS and other grades, among which UP-SSS grade has the highest degree of hydrofluoric acid.
In the process of semiconductor manufacturing and cleaning, the purity requirements of wet electronic chemicals are relatively high, especially electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, so the PFA material plays a key role: it holds high-purity reagents and is suitable for various types of water or oil. Insoluble particle detection, etc.

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