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April 27, 2023
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PFA ion exchange column for use with racks


product description:
PFA isotope ion exchange columns are specially designed for isotope ion exchange, and provide different capacities, tube diameters and lengths to meet the different needs of customers. This product is casted with PFA, designed to meet your needs by combining the characteristics of various capillaries and storage containers, and the size can be customized according to your experimental requirements. A unique threaded port design allows the user to select a cap to protect the integrity of liquid samples during chromatography.

1. Reproducible: PFA column tube can be used many times, and the material background is low, which greatly saves the experimental cost
2. Visibility: When the PFA transparent cylinder separates the color sample, the separation color band can be seen intuitively
3. Sieve plate: can provide sieve plates of various particle sizes, excellent distribution effect, and achieve better separation
4. Large sample load: can be customized according to your experiment
5. One-time molding: no welding gaps, liquid flows out smoothly, ensuring durability
6. To prevent the sieve plate from falling off, the bottom can be sharpened according to the flow rate requirements

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