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Texas, USA
February 15, 2021
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Group FiO offers intelligent CRM (iCRM) it will help to Interact With Your Present, Past, and Future Customers. With iCRM you can automate your marketing processes by turning the customer information you have gathered into actionable marketing data and strategies. This is accomplished by using a closed-loop integration along with predictive analytics and machine learning. The integration is closed-loop as iCRM manages the entire customer experience in one convenient solution.

Using predictive analytics allows you to see the propensity for customers to open, click, and buy, thereby allowing you to choose the clump of customers for the campaign you are looking to run. Machine learning will constantly improve with time, becoming more and more accurate with each campaign and customer purchase. Making your CRM an intelligent solution will ensure that you are touching the right customer clumps with the right message, through the right channel.

iCRM is made up of five platforms that create one powerful, integrated solution.
Customer Data Platform, Customer Engagement Platform, Customer Data Platform, Customer Service Platform, Loyalty Management System, and Intelligent Assistant.


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