August 11, 2023
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High Precision Rotation Luminaire Goniospectroradiometer

Waterproof: Yes
Product name: High Precision Rotation Luminaire Goniospectroradiometer
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Product Description

LSG-1890BCCD/LSG-1800ACCD goniospectroradiometer is high precision automatic goniophotometric instrument for luminous intensity distribution measurement with facility for rotating the light source. The LSG-1890BCCD/LSG-1800ACCD can do the spatial CCT test and the intensity distribution test. It is for industrial laboratory photometric data measurement of luminaires such as LED luminaires, LED Plant Lighting, HID luminaires, fluorescent lamps and so on.

Full meet the EN13032-1 clause goniophotometer type 1, COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2019/2015, CIE-70, CIE-121, IES LM-79, IES LM-75, IES LM-80 and ect.

Luminous Intensity Data, Luminous Intensity Distribution, Zonal Luminous Flux, Luminaries Efficiency, Luminance Distribution(Option), Coefficient Of Utilization, Luminance Limitation Curves Glare, Maximum Ratio of Distance to Height, Equal Illuminance Diagrams, Curves of Luminaires VS Lighting Area, Isocandela Diagrams, Efficient Luminescence Angle, EEI, UGR, CCT, CRI, Color Temperature Distribution, Spectrum, (x, y)/(u, v), PAR, PPF, PPFD 3D distribution test and etc.

• LSG-1890BCCD/LSG-1800ACCD Goniospectroradiometer=LSG-1890B/LSG-1800A Goniophotometer System + LPCE-2 Integrating sphere Spectroradiometer System
• The goniophotometer can do the B-β test with two pillars and the C-γ test with single pillar & multi-function jigs
• Test Max Luminaires size and weight: LSG-1890BCCD is 2000mm/60kg and LSG-1800ACCD is 1600mm/50kg
• The tested luminaries rotates around an angle of (γ)±180°(or 0-360°) and the tested luminaries rotates around itself with an angle of (C)±180°(or 0-360°)
• Luminosity Testing Range: Illuminance 0.01lx~99,999lx; Light Intensity 1.0cd~10^7cd (detector)
• Angle accuracy: LSG-1890BCCD is 0.1°, LSG-1800ACCD is 0.2°
• Work with high accuracy and quick CCD Spectroradiometer to measure spatial color parameters
• Accuracy of chromaticity coordinate: ±0.0015 or ±0.0005(under standard A lamp)
• Spectral Range Wavelength: 350nm ~800nm; Accuracy of wavelength: ±0.5nm
• The Hardware and Software can do the PAR, PPF and PPFD 3D distribution test, which can export IES/LDT files
• Photometry Accuracy: CIE Class A (Class L is option)
• Testing Accuracy: 2%(Under Standard lamp); Stray Light: less than 0.1%
• English version software can run in Win7, Win8 or Win10, Win11
• LISUN goniophotometer software can export CIE, IES, LDT and other format files. These kinds of format files can be transferred by other illumination and luminaire design software such as DiaLux

LISUN Model The Max Size for the Luminaires under Test (Diameter*Depth) Max Weight
LSG-1890BCCD Φ 2000*600mm 60Kg
LSG-1800ACCD Φ 1600*600mm 50Kg

Note:  The LSG-1890BCCD is an update version for LSG-1800BCCD and LSG-1800XCCD. The LSG-1800ACCD is an update version for LSG-1700BCCD and LSG-1800CCD.

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