HELMET VISION – Standalone VR Headset with 4k Display

February 4, 2019
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Standalone untethered VR devices are believed to open up virtual reality to the mass market, however only if the costs are reasonable and if the technology delivers great immersive experiences. By removing the need for a PC or a powerful smartphone, and offering a purpose-built wireless VR headset, VR is, therefore, more accessible.

FLY has a compact design and overall appearance is simple, atmospheric and elegant. The headset color is a combination of white and gray, simply a perfect matching.

Battery Location
The battery is situated in the headband part, which actually reduced the weight of the front body. FLY kept also kept the option to balance the weight in the front body.

The Body Buttons
In right panel there is the return button, the confirmation (Ok) button, the home button, there is the volume button, and also the power button. In bottom panel the micro USB port and the micro SD slot.
One more thing is FLY have the stereo speakers.

The Display
FLY comes with display has two 1440*2560 Fresnel lenses. The refresh rate is very high, reach 72Hz and the field of view angle is 110 degrees. Comparing to the other present models from the point of view, this configuration is literally high.

Built Material
The headset is built with polycarbonate, which is widely used for electronic gadgets. A polycarbonate is actually a group of thermoplastic polymers which ensures a tough, strong and sturdy construction. The whole structure is made of frosted hard plastic whose primary component is polycarbonate.

On the other hand, to ensure heat dissipation and proper air circulation to remove heat main fuselage the front panel made it knitted mesh cloth and gray in color.


Technical Specifications
VISION FLY is impressively featured with Allwinner VR9 application processor, 4 Core (Support ATW) 2GB RAM. 16GB storage, up to 128GB memory card expansion, and FLY uses Android 7.1. It has a 4K screen resolution display with perfect blue ray reduction capacity. The 4K resolution of the FLY is a standard RGB arrangement, so it is better than the same in terms of fineness. The refresh rate is 72 Hz and 110-degree FOV which delivers really a good experience. The battery last as announced 3 to 5 hours. It follows 3DOF tracking. Overall, impressive technical specifications.

VR Games
The powerful VR games perform very well in HELMET VISION FLY. The 4k display, you know, makes the immersion is very strong during the game experience. There is no jamming phenomenon, the picture shows very clearly, the 3D effect is outstanding. shows crystal clear graphics and which is clearly different from ordinary pc games.

Not Necessary to Equipped with a Mobile App
The few other headsets need to be equipped with a mobile app, but with VISION FLY you will be able to connect directly with Wifi, just press and hold the power button to start the all-in-one VR headset VISION FLY.

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