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April 17, 2023
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Compact Multi-Functional Integrated Optics Chip (MIOC)


Multi-Functional Integrated Optics Chip (MIOC) includes a linear polarizer, acts as polarizer and depolarizer; a Y-branch waveguide, acts as optical power splitter and combiner.
Multi-Functional Integrated Optics Chip (MIOC) has the characteristics of high reliability, low insertion loss, high polarization extinction ratio. Micro-electronic and micro-optical processes, and fiber pigtail precision alignment are taken in the MIOC. Other wavelength band or package type can also be customized.



  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Polarization Extinction Ratio
  • Small Temperature Dependent Loss
  • High Electro-optic Phase Modulation Linearity
  • High Reliability


  • Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)
  • Fiber Optic Current Transformer (FOCT)
  • Other Fiber Optic Sensing
Type Parameter Symbol Unit Typical Value
        Perfect General
Optical Operating Wavelength Band lc nm 1290~1330
  Insertion Loss IL dB £3.5 £4.0
  Insertion Loss Change    @ Full Working Temperature Range DIL dB £0.35 £0.5
  Splitter Ratio D % 50±2 50±3.0
  Splitter Ratio Change@ Full Working Temperature Range DD % £3 £5
  Return Loss RL dB £-55
  Remain Intensity Modulate RIM - £5/10000 £ 2/1000
  Pigtail Polarization Extinction Ratio PER dB £-30 £-28
  Pigtail Polarization Extinction Ratio@ Full Working Temperature Range PERT dB £-25 £-23
Electrical Half Wave Voltage Vp V £3.5 £4.5
  Slope of Modulate Waveform S - £1/250 £1/250
  Bandwidth BW MHz ≥300
Package Package Type - - See  package shape structure
  Mechanical Size - mm See package shape structure
  Fiber Pigtail Type - - PM, φ125μm/80μm
  Fiber Length L m 1.2
Environment Working Temperature Range TW -45~+70
  Storage Temperature Range TS -55~+85
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